My Advantage On Writers Block

Before I continue on to your not so regularly scheduled post I’d like to confess the fact that; I literally felt like body slamming my laptop for not cooperating with me when my brain stormed up an optimistic idea for a new blog post seconds—maybe minutes before I sat down like the civil person I am to compose these last few sentences that are appearing on your screen. Continue reading “My Advantage On Writers Block”


The New Journey

Hello everyone, lately I’ve found myself to be wonder around a lot, not outside of the house but, exploring the internet and finding new outlooks on how I perceive life to be. That’s one of the many reasons why I love to read truly, because I seem to find myself in other characters in the books I read; and learn from them despite the fact that they’re completely fictional. I find inspiration in everything I do and for that reason it has bought me to a new journey as well, everyday is a new adventure— at least to me, despite the fact that I’m either at home or school most of the time. Continue reading “The New Journey”

Moving Forward

Hello loves, I’d love to gradually move away from my most recent post where I pretty much updated you all on where I am at in life, also know as a recap. I feel so weird promoting it on twitter. I never usually share my negativity on my little space on the internet because I know that my platform is growing and that my words are powerful, whenever Continue reading “Moving Forward”

Liebster Award 2017


Hello loves, I hope everyone is having a lovely day/night. Todays post is different from what I usually post ❤ woohoo! total game changer at last haha. The Liebster award is an online award given to bloggers from other bloggers which helps spread the love throughout our community. I did deeper research on actual meaning of the word “Liebster ” and its actually translated as “dearest” in German so, getting nominated for this award is practically bound to give you are warm feeling like you’re being hugged which is so sweet.

Continue reading “Liebster Award 2017”

Travel Your World

At some point in everyone's life I believe that each and every single of one us has had the desire to travel, whether if its across the country or even across the state you live in. There was always a place you had in mind. As we grow older it might not be that same place but it might be a handful of places . Mine went from wanting to go to Paris, New York, London and Italy — how typical, I know. Continue reading “Travel Your World”

I Count My Calories

I never truly considered myself to be the person who would ever consider counting my calories when I was younger then I am today — I’m 17 by the way. I’m still young, I know.. ” I shouldn’t be focusing on the amount of crap I eat in a day” that’s what you’re going to tell me right? that I shouldn’t take care of my body the way I do & start living? Continue reading “I Count My Calories”

They don’t know why

They don’t know why I don’t share my blog with them nor with anyone I know.

Who are “they” you may ask. Well, they are my family members and friends.

Of course I want them to stay updated with my life a bit and know my interest and know that I truly don’t just live in my books but also know the fact that I also run a website. Continue reading “They don’t know why”